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CritterBlok Features

Universal Solution

CritterBlok is designed to fit any residential size solar panel. You and your team can be confident in a secure fit no matter what equipment you use or what project you come across.

Patent Pending Technoloy

From our expert, on the ground knowledge we thought of every detail as we designed and engineered CritterBlok.

Quick to Install

The straight forward design and installation process makes CritterBlok quick to install, saving time on labor and allows crews to move on to additional projects faster.

Robust Protection

We were tired of coming up to previously installed critter guards just to see them fail with birds and squirrels making their way through. CritterBlok was engineered to last as long as any product on the market, giving you peace of mind that your clients will be critter free.

Use Less Clips

CritterBlok supports mesh on both the front and back, providing greater reinforcement per clip. As a result, less clips need to be installed per job saving time and resources.

Multifaceted Use

As critter guard experts, we know the need to connect two pieces of wire mesh together on a single run. The wire form piece is dual purpose and connects two pieces of mesh together quickly and firmly.

Stainless Steel & Reusable

We are committed to quality as well as limiting single use plastic. The CritterBlok is made from stainless steel and is reusable. If your crew needs to deinstall and reinstall a solar system, they can pop off the CritterBlok clip and reuse it on the same project.

Toolless Solution

The CritterBlok does not require additional tools to install. You've got everything you need in just a single clip.

CritterBlok Home: Our Products
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